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Moving abroad can be tough. Once you have gone through all the obstacles, done the research and booked the flights the reality can often sink in. “Now what?”

The good news, is that there are dozen of great online forums out there to join. Whether you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of moving to Spain, or have your dream Spanish villa ready and raring to go, you are bound to have questions.

Here is our guide to finding best Spanish forums for expats.

1. (Spain)


One of the oldest (the design is a clue) forums going, has a thriving online community.

The site boasts 300k members and it seems to still be growing.

Last year saw the site’s highest ever number of members online at the same time. Not bad!

The Spanish section of this forum is by far the most popular with 145 members actively online as I type this.

As you would expect, the forums have a broad range of topics to help newbies take the expat plunge, as well as catering for veteran expats who just want to discover more of Spain.

A friendly forum where long-standing members help new expats settling in Spain. What more could you ask for? (A website design update).

2. (Spanish sub-forum)


Similar to but still worth a mention! This is another well known online community that has been around for a while (and has an equally ugly website).

Still – don’t let outdated forum designs put you off. There is an active community of over 200,000 members on this forum.

Popular topics include, Buy to rent advice in Marbella, Spanish legal advice and banking tips for UK expats in Spain.


3. Eye on Spain


This site caught my eye (sorry) if for no other reason than the website design looked different when compared to the first two examples!

Founded in 2004, Eye on Spain is more of an online “portal” which features some great resources for people looking to move to Spain.

Firstly – it contains an expat forum to help people with their general questions. Great!

But this in itself does not differentiate it from the Expat Forums or British Expats which we mentioned above.

What sets Eye on Spain apart is the numerous resources. From property sections, to financial calculators and links to other acclaimed bloggers. One to check out!




These website designs keep getting better! is a newer expat forum focusing of popular destinations – one being Spain.

Whilst the total number of registered users to this site is lower, the community is just as active.

It’s worth noting that this forum separates Gibraltar and Spain. So if Gibraltar is your primary area of interest, make sure you post in the correct section.




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